Ordering - What products does Micromedia sell?

Aside from distributing software, games and consoles Micromedia also distributes accessories and consumer electronics. The product range includes software for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, all PlayStation consoles, PSP, Nintendo DS and Wii. Micromedia carries almost all deliverable labels in the Netherlands, in addition to a number of labels that are exclusively distributed by Micromedia.

Ordering - Can I order online?

Yes, after registration and requesting a Micromedia Online login you can place your order online.

Ordering - Does Micromedia charge ordering charges?

Ordering charges vary depending on how the order is placed. Online orders do not incur ordering charges.

Ordering - Does Micromedia charge for shipping?

Shipping charges vary depending on the amount of your order. For further information please contact our Sales department.

Ordering - How do I get a login to Micromedia Online?

You must be a Micromedia customer to receive a login. If you are already a Micromedia customer and would like a login, please send a login request e-mail, stating your company name, to verkoop@micromedia.eu. This e-mail address is protected against spam bots. You need Javascript to be able to read it.

Ordering - I have forgotten my password for the web shop. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your user password you must contact your internal primary password manager. If you have forgotten the primary password please send an e-mail to verkoop@micromedia.nl. This e-mail address is protected against spam bots. You need Javascript to be able to read it.

Becoming a customer - Is a credit check done?

Yes, a credit limit (insurance) is requested.

Becoming a customer - How do I become a Micromedia customer?

To become a Micromedia customer you must either e-mail or fax us the registration form along with a recent Chamber of Commerce extract. The registration form can be found under the “General Info” tab, and then clicking on “becoming a customer” at www.micromedia.eu.