Returns & repairs


Return requests

Commercial returns can only be requested in consultation with your account manager. Other return requests (except repair requests) can be requested independently via our RMA form.

For more information on requesting returns, please refer to our Support and RMA Guide. This can be found at Micromedia Online, under the ‘Support documents’ heading. Please note that you will be asked to log in first.

The table below explains the return reasons as used in the RMA form.

Reason for return Note
Not ordered Not ordered by you, but received by you.
Wrong product received The product you received is not the product you ordered.
Version exchange The brand will replace the current product version with a new one.
Incomplete product The product is missing a part or accessory that should be included.
Brand recall The brand has decided to recall the product.
Packaging damaged On receipt, the packaging appears to be damaged.
Faulty product The product does not work. This defect must not have been caused by the user.

Repair requests

You can see which brands are eligible for the repair service at the bottom of this page. Repairs can only be requested for brands for which Micromedia handles the repair. If a brand is not listed, it is not possible to submit a repair request to Micromedia for handling. A product within warranty will usually be repaired free of charge, but this does not guarantee that a repair within warranty will always be free of charge. Some brands accept repair requests even after the warranty, check the applicable terms and conditions.

Repairs must be requested individually via the ‘RMA form – repair’. If a repair is not possible, a minimum equivalent product may be offered as a replacement at the discretion of the brand.

To download the RMA forms in another language, select the desired language at the top of this page.

Fill-in assistance

For more information on completing the RMA forms, refer to the Fill-in assistance RMA form or the Fill-in assistance RMA form – Repair.

Repair costs

This repair fee applies to all out-of-warranty repairs. Check the table for applicable repair costs. Costs may vary by country.

If a disk or other item is stuck in the device, please state this on the RMA form. Sony cannot guarantee the recovery of a stuck disc or other media device. In this respect, any responsibility on the part of Micromedia is expressly excluded.

Click here for more information on the return policy for Sony PlayStation products.

Please note that prices do not include VAT.

Country PS5 PS5 Digital PS5 Slim PS5 Digital Slim PS4 PS4 Pro PS VR2 PS VR2 Controller PS VR
Netherlands € 197,50 € 197,50 € 197,50 € 197,50 € 141,67 € 188,83 € 268,33 € 37,50 € 125,00
Belgium € 197,50 € 197,50 € 197,50 € 197,50 € 141,67 € 188,83 € 268,33 € 37,50 € 125,00
Luxembourg € 197,50 € 197,50 € 197,50 € 197,50 € 141,67 € 188,83 € 268,33 € 37,50 € 125,00