POSA: Point Of Sale Activation & PTR: Print To Receipt

Micromedia offers you two Digital Solutions: Point Of Sale Activation (POSA) & Print To Receipt (PTR). You will keep the value and look & feel of the traditional product packaging within your store, but the actual CD/DVD inside the product package will be replaced by a credit card with an activation code or installation steps will be printed on the receipt. After your customer buys a POSA & PTR product they can download the software online. Using several integration methods POSA & PTR can be applied easily in the sales process of your store. All of this without high investments.

The advantages:

  • No stock investment
  • No returns
  • Keeps the strength of traditional product packaging
  • Instore stock will be filled automatically
  • No theft risks (activation codes in the product packages aren’t activated yet)
  • Nice instore presentation, with the look & feel of traditional product packaging
  • Complete assortment and price management

Sales process
The consumer chooses the product he wants to buy and takes it to the counter. Depending on the solution there a two scenarios.

In case of a POSA product. The consumer pays for the product and the code inside on the credit card of the product package will be activated. Once at home the consumer can activate the POSA product at www.safedigital.eu. The software can be downloaded, installed and used.

In case of a PTR product. The consumer pays for the product and the product will be activated. After activation the installation steps will be printed on the receipt. At home the consumer can download and install the software after following the installations steps of the supplier.

Want to make use of POSA & PTR too?
You can enroll by downloading an application form and fill it in. Please send the application form, along with a copy of a recent (not older than 6 months) Chamber of Commerce certificate to info@micromedia.nl or fax it to fax number +31 24 645 25 39, mentioning the following reference: Sales Department.

Already customer at Micromedia?
In case you already are a customer at Micromedia, please contact your Micromedia account manager and let him know that you want to sell POSA & PTR products.